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Commercial/industrial chillers provide environmentally friendly, reliable air conditioning. Newer models are exceptionally efficient, offering an ideal opportunity to elevate comfort while reducing carbon footprint and expense. This type of equipment works well for a diversity of applications across Abilene, TX and surrounding areas, including hospitals, education centers, retail locations, warehouses, restaurants, and manufacturing plants. Cary Services, Inc. is your expert source for a full suite of chiller services.

Professional Service for your Chillers

Proper installation of complex modern chillers supports peak performance and perfect fit for specific requirements. Reach out to Cary Services, Inc. to access the knowledge and skills of 30 years on the job. We bring together a team of exceptional professionals, create a supportive culture, emphasize employee training and offer in-house training. We are a great place to work and our team takes pride in premier job performance.

Prevent Breakdowns with Chiller Maintenance and Repair

As a vital component of commercial and industrial operations, a well-maintained and efficiently operating chiller can yield significant savings on energy bills. Preventive services from Cary Services, Inc. offer cost-effective and worthwhile benefits, including peak efficiency, extended equipment lifespan, superior indoor air quality, avoidance of disruptive repairs, and less downtime. For any concerns with any make or model of chiller, we’re up to the challenge. Contact us at (888) 229-1757 for prompt, successful, and satisfying repairs anywhere across Abilene, TX.

Customer Reviews

Cary Services are the best. Great customer service. Awesome work!

Sharon E.

When it comes to servicing and maintaining my HVACR equipment Cary Services is the most thorough company I have ever used

Chris A.

I have complete peace of mind knowing that Cary Services and their technicians are very capable and attentive to my equipment needs.

Colby K.

Cary Services has been the best company in Abilene I have used. They are reliable and honest.

Rick J.
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